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Quality Inspection Definition Arena

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Most assessors say that surprise inspections are more realistic than those for which people had time to prepare. In the United States, the Food Safety Inspection Service is charged with ensuring that all meat and egg products are safe to consume and accurately labeled. The Meat Inspection Act of 1906 authorized the Secretary of Agriculture to order meat inspections and condemn any found unfit for human consumption. Commodity inspection is other term that is used between buyers and sellers. The scope of work for commodity inspection depends to the buyers. Normally inspection is done based on an agreed inspection and test plan .

Up to three Gamma‐Ray Inspection Technology buildings would be constructed, which allow CBP officers to electronically scan the contents of vehicles. An examination or investigation; the right to see and duplicate documents, enter land, or make other such examinations for the purpose of gathering evidence. Cafés must be regularly inspected to find out if they are kept clean. A routine inspection of the vessel turned up 50 kg of the drug.

  • The architect has now made his detailed inspection of the building.
  • In most countries, owners must submit their vehicles to an inspection once a year.
  • An examination vessel is a craft used to inspect ships entering or leaving a port during wartime.
  • Senior management sometimes orders surprise inspections to find out what is really going on.
  • It is found that a sporting goods manufacturer has been sending out an unacceptable number of defective baseball gloves to stores.
  • Closed-circuit television video cameras allow remote visual inspection.

Needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. The inspection of documents relevant to issues in a lawsuit is an important element of discovery. Analysis, examination, investigation, review, survey.

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The inspectors subsequently compare their findings with specific rules and regulations. A surprise inspection occurs when nobody knew definition of inspection that the inspectors were coming. Senior management sometimes orders surprise inspections to find out what is really going on.

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Businesses like restaurants will also undergo health inspections to make sure the business is operating under specific health and safety standards. This is done during manufacturing process so that if there is any problem in the process that will be rectified in that stage itself. This will be carried out by the quality controllers periodically say every two or three hours. They will check the measurement and defects and make the inspection report which will be intimated to the production in-charge.

Inspection and Testing | Definition and Types

Minimum standards of quality required for food – especially meat and milk – and living quarters were established and enforced by means of regular inspections. Using remote video and other means, trenchless operators inspect underground pipes to identify defects needing repair. These inspections are key to successful trenchless rehabilitation efforts. A safety inspection is a documented or formalized procedure that is often carried out by a safety specialist to identify potential hazards. Inspection can also mean “a close look at.” If you discover a bug in your back yard, it might require a careful inspection to figure out what kind of insect it is. An idea might sound good, but on closer inspection, you find that it won’t work.

definition of inspection

Quality inspection standards provide well-defined inspection plans and sampling methods that organizations can use to ensure that products meet specific requirements. In-line Inspection – Additional inspections should take place during various stages of the manufacturing process. Typically, the first products to get off the production line are inspected for defects. Inspections include measuring, testing, examining, or gauging the features of a process or product.

The government has agreed to allow UN weapons inspections in the country. Close inspection of the plane’s engines revealed several small defects. However, on closer inspection, a number of problems emerged. They have refused to allow international inspection of their nuclear facilities. Council officials made one site inspection of the property. Following an on-site inspection, the surveyor prepared a written report on the property.

Specific inspection

All packages arriving at the building undergo an inspection. A company’s accounting records must be open for inspection at all times. The architect is carrying out a thorough inspection of the building. Nursing agencies are subject to inspection by the health authority. The first records of the term inspection come from around the late 1300s. It ultimately comes from the Latin inspicĕre, meaning “to look into.” An inspection is an instance of looking for a specific reason.

Underground pipes degrade over time, and without regular inspection and repair, small defects can lead to major disasters. Building Inspection is an extensive inspection of a building by a qualified contractor or inspector. It usually covers all major systems including foundation, plumbing, electrical, roof, heating and air conditioning. Inspectionmeans activities such as measuring, examining, testing, gauging one or more characteristics of the product or service and comparing the same with the specified requirement to determine conformity. The examination of certain articles made by law subject to such examination, so that they may be declared fit for commerce.

Trenchlesspedia™ Connecting trenchless industry professionals to educational tools and industry-specific information about trenchless construction and rehabilitation. The inspection of all public records is free to all persons who have an interest in them, upon payment of the usual fees. But it seems a mere stranger who has no such interest, has no right, at common law.

A vehicle inspection, for example, is performed by a trained professional who reviews your vehicle against a list of safety checks to ensure your car is safe to drive. Quality related in-process inspection/verification is an essential part of quality control in manufacturing. Characteristics of a product or process and comparing the results with specified requirements to determine whether is the requirements are met for each characteristic. As a proactive measure, trenchless operators offer underground pipe inspection services.

It consists of an examination of a vehicle’s components, usually done by a certified mechanic. Vehicles pass a pre-warranty inspection, if, and only if, a mechanic provide evidence for the proper working condition of the vehicle systems specified in the type of inspection. A quality inspection involves measuring, examining, testing, or gauging various characteristics of a product and https://globalcloudteam.com/ comparing those results with specified requirements to determine whether there is a conformity. Quality Control is critical to build and deliver products that meet or exceed customers’ expectations. Inspections are a necessary part of running a business. Without inspections, it would be impossible to know ahead of time if quality goods and services were getting to your customers.

To visit officially, to make sure that it is properly run. Closer inspection reveals that they are banded with yellow. Efficient inspection of meat in the abattoirs should eliminate a large proportion of the diseased animals.

Legal Definition

Residential inspections not for code compliance are called a home inspection. There are numerous types of more specific real estate and infrastructure inspections such as windstorm inspection, energy audit, and pipeline video inspection. An inspection involves checking something, i.e., examining and assessing something.

Inspections are used for the purpose of determining if a body is complying with regulations. The inspector examines the criteria and talks with involved individuals. An inspection is, most generally, an organized examination or formal evaluation exercise.

definition of inspection

Real estate agents recommend that buyers request the inspection of sewer pipes in houses over 20-years-old. Municipal sewer systems schedule regular inspections to prevent major leaks. Some are carried out to check vehicle safety, some inspect industrial plants, and others are carried out to identify hazards in office buildings. A vehicle inspection, e.g., an annual inspection, is a necessary inspection required on vehicles to conform with laws regarding safety, emissions, or both.

In arms control, physical process of determining compliance with arms control measures. Official examination or review, as of barracks or troops. Find similar words to inspection using the buttons below. From Middle French, from Old French inspeccion, from Latin inspectiō (“examination, inspection”), from the verb inspectō (“I inspect”), from spectō (“I observe, I watch”), frequentive of speciō (“I look at”). This is a type of inspection that keeps a fault that is detected from affecting an entire batch. This is not only important to have for you and your team, but also for anyone that might need to do future inspections.

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Other documents like accident reports and repair logs are also helpful. Quality Control – Quality inspections help control the quality of your product or service. The inspection revealed several lapses in safety standards. Some government departments – if their laws allow it – carry out surprise inspections of hospitals and prisons. In manufacturing, for example, inspections are an important component in quality control.

This is the British English definition of inspection.View American English definition of inspection. Definition and synonyms of inspection from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education. Make sure to have the inspection process well thought out and strategized. Have a checklist as well as a mapped out process for everyone involved in the inspection.

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Preparations were made in advance of the official inspection. The architect has now made his detailed inspection of the building. Closer inspection of the vase revealed it to be a fake.

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In addition, many non-destructive inspections can be performed by a precision scale, or when in motion, a checkweigher. Stereo microscopes are often used for examining small products like circuit boards for product defects. In Europe bodies involved in engineering inspection may be assessed by accreditation bodies according to ISO “General criteria for the operation of various types of bodies performing inspection”. It is found that a sporting goods manufacturer has been sending out an unacceptable number of defective baseball gloves to stores. In order to figure out where the issues are, the owner of the company orders inspections to take place at every stage of the manufacturing process. This includes inspecting the raw materials received from suppliers, the machines and staff that go into the build of the product, and anything that may occur while getting the gloves ready for shipment.

Inspection Sentence Examples

In the world of business, inspection is the critical appraisal of materials, items, or systems involving examination, testing, and gauging. Inspections are formal evaluations or organized examination exercises. The railroad’s inspection locomotive were special types of steam locomotives designed to carry railroad officials on inspection tours of the railroad property. In international trade several destination countries require pre-shipment inspection. The importer instructs the shipper which inspection company should be used. The inspector makes pictures and a report to certify that the goods that are being shipped and produced are in accordance with the accompanying documents.


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